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Are you sick of losing weight and feeling good to only have everything you lost hanging off you again after a few weeks?

Have you got great results from a weight loss program in the past only to feel lost and confused as to what to do after the program finishes?

Be part of the first 10 people and get your hands on this program with full access to me to help you along the way

healthy game changerMy name is Josh Drinkwater and I have been a certified Personal Trainer for 5 years and previous to that I completed a bachelor in Exercise Science. I don’t mention this to boast but just to show you that I know what I am talking about.




What if I was tell you that weight loss was easy? That the search for the best kept secret that doesn’t exist, or the magical restrictive diet that leaves you feeling drained and run down is most likely doing more harm than good? For years now health and weight loss has been making things unnecessary complicated, not on purpose, but because we see new science and think that has to be the answer.

I’m not saying the science is false, in fact if you remember I studied Exercise Science so it’s fair to say that I am always excited when new science comes about. The one thing that all this new science has done has drawn us away from what was already working.



It’s time to think long term and get results you can keep

Your health and fitness is something you will always want to take care of, so why do we keep chasing the short term fix. I have taken all my knowledge of health, fitness and weight loss and created a program designed to not only get you results, but teach you how develop habits, teach you to create a lifestyle that will have you keeping the results forever. Imagine never having to feel guilty because you put back on the weight you have lost, never having to freak out because summer crept up on you and your bikini body isn’t ready?

I want to give you the chance of creating a healthy lifestyle. A lifestyle where you feel 10 years younger, have more energy, sleep better and your diet will always be in order. Whatever weight loss goals you have will be at your fingertips.

“Its only fair that if you work for your results that you should get to keep them”

No matter what it is in today’s society we want it now and that’s no different when it comes to our health, weight loss and fitness. We see these tv shows where people lose massive amounts of weight in a short time and think “I want that”. Which is fair enough, why shouldn’t it be you?

It looks simple enough right?

Well while the techniques you see in these programs are effective, they are not sustainable. A recent study revisited contestants of one of these shows, the study showed that not only had most of the contestants put the weight back on, their ability to burn calories throughout the day was about 500 calories less than it should have been. Simply put, the rapid weight loss had destroyed their metabolism. This makes keeping the weight off and losing any weight in the future extremely difficult.


Why Creating a Lifestyle is Better Than Chasing Results

What I am about to explain to you will truly explain why My Healthy Game Changer is unlike anything you will have seen before and why it is the best way to make a change to your health and fitness. Majority of programs out there will be selling you the final result, the before and after photos, the magical transformations. While these are great to see, they are motivating and fantastic success stories, it also highlights what I believe to be a major problem in the health and fitness industry. We are too busy focusing on the objective goals we set ourselves which are usually short term. “Losing weight before the wedding”, “I want a bikini body for summer”, these are the usual goals people set themselves. So you start a program, 3 weeks later you have lost 8-10 kgs and you’re on top of the world. Then afterwards you have no motivation to workout, the wedding has past you by, exercise feels like a chore and slowly you end up back where you started.


The goal of My Healthy Game Changer is to transform the way you look at your health and fitness, show you how to maintain your results. Create a subjective goal where you enjoy your workouts, you enjoy the little things that you know are making a direct positive change to your overall health. Your focus will be to create a lifestyle, the physical results such as weight loss and tighter muscles will come, the lessons and habits you will develop will be the direct cause of this. Focusing on developing healthy habits and creating a lifestyle is the direct path to these types of results. Once you learn to maintain the habits, you will never look back.



I have lead a fairly healthy lifestyle my entire life. I have always been active, always played sport and my parents fed me well so weight control was never an issue for me. However as I finished university I realized that I wasn’t able to rely on my youthful metabolism any more. I had always had the basics of nutrition knowledge in my head, just never really had to use it. This was common knowledge to me, which brings me to my confession.

For the first 3 years of my professional life as a trainer and even before I started in the industry I was ignorant. Actually make that very ignorant.

Because I had always lead a healthy lifestyle and been interested in my health and fitness I assumed this was common knowledge for everyone, I understand now that this is not the case. That is why I have taken every bit of knowledge I have and poured it into this program. Everything from workouts, the way I prepare my food, what I do with my weekends, how to stay motivated on focused and your goals, it’s all in here.

Now I don’t want you to think I am trying to completely overhaul your life. What I want to do is teach you how to develop habits, the little actions you take everyday that will help you develop healthy habits and have your weight loss, or control, on auto pilot.

If you’re sick of the short term rushed results that leave you back at square one again after a few weeks then it’s time you take control of your health and fitness. Learn how to gain long term success, long term results, and most importantly hold on to the results that you work for.


What is My Healthy Game Changer?

  • Mindset and motivation techniques so you don’t burn out or get bored


  • My tips on setting goals, keeping track and making sure you keep reach your goals no matter what they are


  • 12 weeks of simple effective workouts


  • Learn how to structure your own workouts


  • Complete exercise descriptions with photos included to make sure you’re doing things right


  • Simple diet modifications to help maximize your fat burning potential


  • Learn the habits to be prepared so you don’t find yourself caught out reaching for fast food when you’re tired


  • Create a lifestyle and keep your results forever


No longer will you be suffering from short term results, the yo-yo ride that is your health, weight and fitness will be over. You will literally learn everything you need to know when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle, you will be in complete control of your health and fitness. Whatever your goals may be you will understand what it takes to get there.


This program is still in it’s beta stages which means I am basically giving it away to you. I am looking for just 10 people to complete “My Healthy Game Changer”. This means you will be one of the first people ever to complete this program, learn the lessons, create the habits, get your results and take control of your life. You get full access to me via email and we can even organise a Skype session if you need it.


This is something that will completely change the way you look at health and fitness.

Still not convinced?

Here is a quick run down on what you will get



12 weeks of workouts designed to improve your health and fitness. These workouts are easy to adapt to your fitness level, obviously the workouts will get progressively harder to cater for your improving fitness level. I will show you how to change the workouts so that if they are too hard or too easy you will have a workout that is perfect for you.


The last thing you will learn is how to structure your very own workouts, this way after you have completed “My Healthy Game Changer” you will be set to continue you own with your workouts, leaving you know excuse to continue on witht the lifestyle you have created.



You will learn just what meal preparation is, why it’s so important and how to fit it in to your weekly routine no matter how busy your life is. I will also show the basics of what to eat, what to avoid and some of my tips on how to keep up your habits even when you eat out with friends (it’s not a lifestyle if you are giving up your social life).



In my opinion the most important part of the “My Healthy Game Changer” program. I believe that most of the people that set out to lose weight or start loving a healthy lifestyle are doomed to fail before they even start purely because they don’t have the right mindset. I will show you how to set realistic goals and keep track of your progress. Some of my favorite motivation techniques to make sure things keep moving forward. Also what to do once you reach that first set of goals so that the lifestyle continues. I will also give you a few tips on how to get a good nights sleep.




If you have read this far then I know you are serious about wanting to change your health. The fact you are reading this is a sign that you are ready to make the positive change and take control of your health once and for all. I can promise you that I will not be keeping this price for long. Once it goes up it will never be this price again. In fact because I am only just rolling this out I am only taking 10 people. You will get full access to me whenever you need it and I will be here to make sure that everything runs smoothly for you.

Here is one last thing to think about.

By creating a positive change in your own life you could become the catalyst and motivation behind a loved one creating the same change. That is a special feeling.

It’s time for you to make a decision. If you want more energy, the ability to take complete control of health and fitness then it’s time of you to click below and take control, everything you need is right in front of you.


Thanks for your time


Josh Drinkwater


Your guide to a healthy lifestyle